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Welcome to The Inner Goddess!

My name is Kelly Costello, and I am the creative mind behind the Inner Goddess Aesthetic / Holistic Clinic.

I have owned Fill Your Face Cosmetics for the last 5 years, and through working very closely with people with low self esteem and confidence levels, I started to view aesthetic medicine in a whole new light!

Having felt almost embarrassed by my job, it wasn't unusual for me to greeted negatively! I began to deeply reflect what it was I gave out in my role as an aesthetic nurse.

Why was I different to other clinics?

The answer I came up with is that, I am passionate about female empowerment, when a woman feels confident she can do anything and achieve whatever her heart desires…but there was still something more than just correcting the physical body! I had started to engage with women on a mind, body and soul level to facilitate transformation.

It has been my own spiritual journey as well as physical transformation that unlocked this desire to help others! I am a Registered Nurse, Nurse independent Prescriber, Beauty Therapist, Reiki Master, none of these titles are important as what I do comes from my heart. Previous Roles include Midwife and Forensic Nurse Practitioner.

I am passionate about aesthetic medicine & skin, and I believe it shows in my work, which is natural and tailored to every client, because one size doesn't fit all! I love nothing better than seeing results!!

I so look forward to welcoming you to The Inner Goddess Clinic…we will help you be your own kind of beautiful!!